Partizan Device Manager 2.0 for Android – all devices in a single account!

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Our development team announces the release of the completely new mobile application Partizan Device Manager 2.0 for Android. This application is a mobile version of Device Manager Online service. You can currently get to your equipment from the computer as well as from your mobile with the help of a single account!

The application is now available on Google Play.

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Let’s go into more details about the new and unique features we have done:

The full synchronization. It’s not necessary for you to add your devices to each mobile device by using a single account. Our cloud system will safely store the list of your devices, so everything added to the account will be available after entering your login/password. You can use your current Device Manager Online account or create a new one inside the application.

The updated design. We have done our best to make the application more intuitive, and we improved the ergonomic aspects while retaining the corporate color and style.

The support for the unique P2P technology. The adding of the device takes up only a few minutes, you just need to scan QR-code with MAC address of the device, placed on the packaging or on the device itself, and to enter your login and password.

The screen. It is an absolutely new widget in the Partizan Device Manager mobile application. The screen is as customarily as a traditional quad splitter, but it is better and more suitable. What’s new and what is the difference between the competitors and us?

- The screen, unlike the quad splitter, isn’t tied to the particular camera or DVR. That’s why the single screen may be connected to different cameras and channels of various DVRs included into your account.

Example 1: your account has 2 DVRs, each of them supports 4 cameras. If you used another application, you would have to watch two different quad splitters. Partizan Device Manager allows you to create 8-channel Screen and to add the cameras from two DVRs for convenient viewing of all cameras in one interface.

- You can create any number of screens with different titles for convenient viewing of the various areas of interest, objects or key points of your video surveillance network.

Example 2: You are the owner of the store chain. Every store has 4-cameras DVR. You can create the “Checkout” Screen, and add only those cameras, which monitor the checkouts in your store chain. That feature prevents you from wasting your time on viewing of different quad splitters and search of necessary cameras. All important cameras will be grouped in a single Screen.

The screen is a new level of freedom for video surveillance in mobile applications!




Playback of the archive. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to view the archive of DVR in this version. We are planning to add this function in the nearest updating.

We did our utmost to make the usage of Partizan Device Manager 2.0 for Android useful and comfortable for you. But if you have any remarks of suggestions on improving its work, we are always open to dialogue.

You can send your ideas to our technical support: