For dealers

We offer:

1. Official dealer certificates for selling  Partizan in your region.
2. Ongoing support for POS-materials, catalogs, posters, promotional sheets, etc.
3. Posting about  the presence of Partizan authorized dealer in the region.
4. Priority in the sale of the equipment in your region.
5. Ability to obtain the status of exclusive representative in the city (region) if the volume of sales is sufficient .
6. Special (dealer) prices are not available to other categories of customers.
7. Additional discounts and bonuses when the sales are in excess of the planned targets.
8. Free advice and training to the dealer for technical specifications and sales to final buyers.
9. Free training seminars and workshops for existing and potential customers.
10. Support at exhibitions.


We expect our dealer to:
1. Actively promote the products of  Partizan (organization of presentations, promotions, etc.).
2. Actively search for end customers, local dealers and  sales representatives.
3. Adhere to the pricing policy, namely, to administer the goods according to the stop price and discounts.
4. Provide a high level of training of representatives, who will be responsible for selling Partizan products.
5. Place product samples and promotional materials in their sales offices and exhibition locations.
6. Provide training for staff involved in the work of the Product vendor.
7. Give priority to selling company products.
8. Participate in and support the actions and activities of Partizan.