Outdoor camera fixed IPO-4SP POE


Outdoor IP camera with a resolution of 4 MP (2592x1520@15 fps) and IR with 30 meters range. It sensor (1/3" OmniVision) is characterized by good sensitivity (0.01Lux). The lens with a fixed focal length is reliable and introduce low image distortion.

The model has a new stylish housing with a protection degree corresponding to IP66. It is mounted on a solid and convenient vandal-resistant bracket, which have hidden interface and the power supply cables. That will provide to them the protection against damage. Power to the camera can be supplied from an external DC source with 12V voltage or by the Ethernet cable due to PoE technology support. It is greatly simplifies the mounting of the device.

The model firmware has the full support of cloud technologies. Bundled Partizan software allows you to configure, view and store video streams from cameras

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Datasheet IPO-4SP POE

User Manual

Upgrade firmware manual

User Manual Partizan Device Manager

User Manual Partizan CMS


Partizan VMS

Partizan Cloud Master

Partizan Device Manager for Windows

Partizan Device Manager for Mac

Partizan CMS

Tool for playing video archive "H.264"

Utility to view video archives from USB storage

Tools for converting video archive "H.264 to AVI"

Archive volume calculating software Partizan Calculator"

Mobile application

Partizan Cloud for ANDROID

Partizan Device Manager for ANDROID

Partizan Cloud for iOS

Partizan Device Manager for iOS

* Information and equipment can change without prior notice.


Partizan NVT-1624 POE

Partizan NVT-1624 POE

  NVT-1624 POE Channels quantity: 16 Resolution: 5Mp Internal HDD: 8xSATA

Partizan NVM-421 POE 1.1

Partizan NVM-421 POE 1.1

  NVM-421 POE 1.1 Channels quantity: 4 Resolution: 5Mp Internal HDD: 1xSATA

Partizan NVH-2422 1.0

Partizan NVH-2422 1.0

  NVH-2422 1.0 Channels quantity: 8 Resolution: 5Mp Internal HDD: 4xSATA

Partizan NVH-6452

Partizan NVH-6452

  NVH-6452 Channels quantity: 200 Resolution: 2Mp Internal HDD: 1xSATA

Partizan NVH-852 1.0

Partizan NVH-852 1.0

  NVH-852 1.0 Channels quantity: 24 / 32 Resolution: 1Mp / 2Mp Internal HDD: 1xSATA

Partizan NVM-421 POE 1.0

Partizan NVM-421 POE 1.0

  NVM-421 POE 1.0 Channels quantity: 4 Resolution: 5Mp Internal HDD: 1xSATA