Network video recorder NVD-411

IP Video Recorder records 4 channels in the resolution 960p (1280x960), and 8 channels in D1 (720x576). NVR is equipped with a video output HDMI Full-HD (1080p), support 1 SATA hard drive up to 4 terabytes, also has a double standard power supply - 12V. ONVIF protocol support allows interaction with any cameras that work with this protocol. Software Partizan CMS allows you to view live video, remotely view the file on the Video Recorder, as well as to record the archive to a remote workstation. Support for mobile platforms (iPhone, Android), as well as using its own cloud service Partizan NIP makes surveillance as simple, easy and effective!

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Recommended hard drives

User Manual

Upgrade firmware manual

Partizan NIP service Connection manual

Free Video Surveillance Software "CMS"

User Manual Partizan CMS

Partizan Device Manager

Tool for playing video archive "H.264"

Utility to view video archives from USB storage

Tools for converting video archive "H.264 to AVI"

Archive volume calculating software Partizan Calculator"

Partizan Cloud for ANDROID

Partizan Pro for ANDROID

Partizan Cloud for iOS

Partizan Pro for iOS

vMEyeSuper for MAC

* Information and equipment can change without prior notice.


Partizan IPD-VF5MP-IR POE 2.0

Partizan IPD-VF5MP-IR POE 2.0

  IPD-VF4MP-IR AF POE Image sensor: 1/2.7" Omni Vision Resolution: 5.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8-12 mm IR distance: 30 m Dimension: Ø119x112 mm

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR POE 3.0

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR POE 3.0

  IPD-2SP-IR POE 3.0 Image sensor: 1/2.8" Full HD Sony Ultra Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8 mm IR distance: 25 m Dimension: Ø105x81 mm

Partizan IPO-4SP POE 1.0

Partizan IPO-4SP POE 1.0

  IPO-4SP POE 1.0 Image sensor: 1/3" OmniVision Resolution: 4.0 Mp Focal length: 3.6 mm IR distance: 30 m Dimension: ∅62x90 mm

Partizan IPA-2SP POE 1.1

Partizan IPA-2SP POE 1.1

  IPA-2SP POE 1.1 Image sensor: 1/2.8″ Full HD Sony Ultra Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 3.6 mm Dimension: 42x42x60 mm

Partizan IPO-VF2MP POE 2.2

Partizan IPO-VF2MP POE 2.2

  IPO-VF2MP POE 2.2 Image sensor: 1/2.8″ FullHD Sony Ultra Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8-12 mm IR distance: 40 m Dimension: ∅84x128 mm

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR POE 2.3

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR POE 2.3

  IPD-2SP-IR POE 2.3 Image sensor: 1/2.8″ FullHD Sony Ultra Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8 mm IR distance: 25 m Dimension: Ø110x86 mm