Outdoor camera varifocal IPO-VF2RP PoE

The new IP camera for outdoor installation with long range IR backlight system. Partizan IPO-VF2RP POE, designed for outdoor use and has a modern waterproof housing in white color. It corresponds to IP66 protection degree. A distinctive feature of this model is a powerful IR backlight with range up to 100 m, configurable power and the angle of illumination width. With varifocal lens, having a focal length of 5-50 mm and a 2-megapixel sensor 1/2.8" Full HD Sony Ultra, Partizan IPO-VF2RP POE allows to get high quality pictures at any time of the day over long distances.

The camera can be powered by the external power source or throw Ethernet cable by the PoE technology. A free Partizan software and 3 years warranty included.

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Datasheet IPO-VF2RP PoE

User Manual

Upgrade firmware manual

User Manual Partizan Device Manager

User Manual Partizan CMS


Partizan VMS

Partizan Cloud Master

Partizan Device Manager for Windows

Partizan Device Manager for Mac

Partizan CMS

Tool for playing video archive "H.264"

Utility to view video archives from USB storage

Tools for converting video archive "H.264 to AVI"

Archive volume calculating software Partizan Calculator"

Mobile application

Partizan Cloud for ANDROID

Partizan Device Manager for ANDROID

Partizan Cloud for iOS

Partizan Device Manager for iOS

* Information and equipment can change without prior notice.


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