Network video recorder NVH-822 POE 2.0

NVH 822 1.1

You can connect up to 8 video cameras with a resolution of 5.0 MP to this multifunctional IP DVR.

All the video surveillance channels are recorded simultaneously by the device in real-time mode.Four recording modes – fulltime, alarm, motion or schedule – provide an opportunity to configure the system of video surveillance according to defined tasks within every period of time. The backup to USB storage devices is allowed.

The H.265 codec (high-performance video compression technology) allows you to get a high-resolution video of minimum size (without any quality loss) saving much space on your hard disk. The network managing can be provided from any place of the world. The modern software includes a convenient configurator and a CMS monitoring system. The Ethernet 10/100Base-T network interface provides a reliable, protected connection with the optimal data transfer rate, the maximum value of which is up to 100 Mbit/s.

The NVR is equipped with a built-in PoE switch for 8 channels (cameras). This allows you to connect each IP camera directly to the NVR with only one Ethernet cable, which simultaneously transmits video and power.

Supported camera quantity(x)recording resolution@frames per second: 8x5Mp@25

POE function: 8 independent POE ports. NVR is equipped with built-in 4-channel (cameras) Poe-switch. This allows to connect each IP camera directly to the NVR using only one Ethernet cable with video and power supply transmission

Video compression: H.265. It is a highly efficient video compression technology that allows you to compress a high resolution video to a minimum size without quality loss, which saves space on your hard disk

Audio inputs/outputs: -/1ch RCA. For audio playback you can use 1 audio output (AUDIO OUT)

Video outputs: 1xVGA, 1xHDMI Supported HDD (HDD not included): 1хSATA HDD ≤ 6Tb

Network: Ethernet 10/100Base-T

Management and control: Optical mouse, power adapter, IR remote

Operating temperature: 0 – +50 °C

Dimensions: 255x236x44mm, 1200g

Housing material: Metal

Additional advantages: H.265; ONVIF 2.4+; 3 years warranty





Datasheet NVH-822 POE 2.0

User Manual

Manual NVR

Upgrade firmware manual

Recommended hard drives

User Manual Partizan Device Manager


Partizan VMS

Partizan Cloud Master

Partizan Device Manager for Windows

Partizan Device Manager for Mac

Partizan CMS

Tool for playing video archive "H.264"

Utility to view video archives from USB storage

Tools for converting video archive "H.264 to AVI"

Mobile application

Partizan Cloud for ANDROID

Partizan Device Manager for ANDROID

Partizan Cloud for iOS

Partizan Device Manager for iOS

* Information and equipment can change without prior notice.


Partizan IPD-VF2MP-IR 2.1 Сloud

Partizan IPD-VF2MP-IR 2.1 Сloud

  IPD-VF2MP-IR 2.1 Сloud Image sensor: 1/2.8" Full HD CMOS Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8-12 mm IR distance: 30 m Dimension: Ø120x93 mm

Partizan IPD-VF5MP-IR SE 1.0

Partizan IPD-VF5MP-IR SE 1.0

  IPD-VF5MP-IR SE 1.0 Image sensor: 1/2.7″ OmniVision Resolution: 5.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8-12 mm IR distance: 30 m Dimension: Ø119x112 mm

Partizan IPO-VF2MP 2.4

Partizan IPO-VF2MP 2.4

  IPO-VF2MP 2.4 Image sensor: 1/2.7" CMOS Full HD Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8-12 mm IR distance: 40 m Dimension: ∅84x128 mm

Partizan IPO-2SP SE 3.0

Partizan IPO-2SP SE 3.0

  IPO-2SP SE 3.0 Image sensor: 1/2.7" CMOS Full HD Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8 mm IR distance: 30 m Dimension: Ø62x90 mm

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR 2.6 Cloud

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR 2.6 Cloud

  IPD-2SP-IR 2.6 Cloud Image sensor: 1/2.8" FullHD Sony Ultra Resolution: 3.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8 mm IR distance: 25 m Dimension: Ø110x86 mm

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR 2.7

Partizan IPD-2SP-IR 2.7

  IPD-2SP-IR 2.7 Image sensor: 1/2.8" FullHD Sony Ultra Resolution: 2.0 Mp Focal length: 2.8 mm IR distance: 25 m Dimension: Ø110x86 mm