Event snapshots - the modern navigation through the video archive



Partizan mobile application, which received the “Best Video Surveillance Application” award last year, is constantly evolving and continues to delight users with its updates.

This time, Partizan developers have presented improved navigation through the saved video archive. Previously, when the camera detected motion, the corresponding section of the archive in the timeline was marked with a different color, and the user could easily identify the past event.

Now event photos have been added to the color tags! Each alarm captured by the camera is displayed above the timeline as a thumbnail image. It improves the navigation through the cloud archive because the user immediately sees what event happened at a specific time.


The cloud video archive can be navigated using either a single continuous timeline or alarm thumbnails. When you click on the gallery button to the right of the snapshots, a screen opens with a description of each event: type, time and date. Snapshots can be saved to a mobile device, as well as shared via any of the installed instant messengers, sent by mail, published on social networks and saved in file storages (for example, Google Drive or Dropbox) - all you need to do is long-press or swipe left (up - in horizontal view) on the image in gallery mode.

This functionality is now available free of charge for all supported CCTV-cameras that have a subscription to cloud archive storage.



It should be noted that alarm triggering and thumbnail display work not only with CCTV-cameras, but also with the innovative Partizan STD-2MP device. This terminal is designed for temperature measurement and smart face detection. The mobile application displays photos of all visitors who have interacted with the device, their body temperature, face detection status and the presence of a protective mask.


More about Partizan STD-2MP terminal HERE.

How to work with events gallery in PARTIZAN mobile app HERE.


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