Cloud Link for cloud devices – integrate video from Partizan CCTV cameras easily!


Cloud Link for cloud devices


New Cloud Link technology allows you to add Partizan CCTV camera to any software, for example, Ajax application for iOS, transfer video from CCTV cameras for Immix-controlled monitoring, and even use it for viewing in a VLC player or on a website!

The difference from an ordinary link or HTML code is that Cloud Link does not need a static IP address at the facility where Partizan equipment is installed, video data is transmitted in an encrypted form using the HTTPS protocol.

Cloud Link has already been added to Partizan mobile application and browser version of Partizan Cloud service. Users have access to permanent free operation mode of the service, as well as premium access when ordering cloud services. The difference is in launch speed: with free use, the video launch takes from 3 to 20 seconds, depending on the volume of the video stream, and is possible only when the video is viewed in the system. Premium access provides instant launch.

You can get high-speed premium access to videos with Cloud Link by subscribing to cloud recording or paying for this service separately.

The link to the video stream contains a unique code, without knowing which, it is impossible to get access. The video owner can easily and quickly update the passcode and the link will no longer be active. This is very convenient when you need to provide access to video just for some time, for example, by sending a Cloud Link to friends for the time of your absence.

Make sure that Cloud Link is convenient in Partizan mobile application!

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