Get rid of wires: IP CCTV cameras and MYERS doorbells for a smart home


Get rid of wires: IP CCTV cameras and MYERS doorbells for a smart home


It is always easier without wires. No need to drill walls. Premium battery CCTV cameras MBC-Cubic, MBC-Bullet, as well as MBD-100 MYERS video-doorbell (Partizan sub-brend) are installed in no time.

The advantages of the wireless connection are obvious. Wires can spoil the beauty of the interior or exterior. And sometimes it is simply unreal to use them. Modern technologies help. IP CCTV cameras and MYERS doorbells are connected via Wi-Fi and operate well as standalone.

2.0MP FullHD wireless IP CCTV camera MBC-Bullet is good for outside installation. It is made of high-strength plastic and perfectly "sees" even in complete darkness up to eight meters. Persons and cars are recognized clearly. This CCTV camera supports SD cards, has a microphone, speaker and IR backlight. The built-in 10,000 mA battery is quite enough to forget about recharging for a long time.

Its more compact colleague - 2.0MP FullHD Wireless IP CCTV camera MBC-Cubic - has almost identical characteristics. However, it does not have such a capacious battery, it is "just" 5000 mA. However, it is enough for long-term work outside or indoors.

Another useful thing for the "smart" house is a wireless calling panel MBD-100. It is made in a form of a video doorbell and is equipped with a built-in 1/3 "FullHD 2.0 MP camera. Visibility in darkness - up to 3 meters. It is well protected from moisture and dust. There is a microphone, speaker, SD card support. It has a built-in battery for 5000 mA.

For power saving, all devices switch to active mode only when the motion sensor in the frame is activated. And they all work with Partizan application. That means you can watch records, make screenshots, respond to visitors and listen to their voice messages right from the smartphone.

Wired technology in security systems worked for many years and it is still goody. But the convenience of wireless solutions is beyond doubt. They also give more opportunities in installation.