Wi-Fi video surveillance: less wires, more opportunities!


Wi-Fi video surveillance: less wires, more opportunities!


Wiring in video surveillance systems sometimes becomes a real headache. It is not just bulky and unaesthetic, but also not always possible at all. Such problems will not appear with Partizan Wi-Fi equipment

Easy installation, mobility, the ability to install CCTV cameras almost anywhere, automatic encryption data protection, access to video from a smartphone, tablet or laptop ... The advantages of Wi-Fi technology are more than obvious. Therefore, it is not surprising that wireless video surveillance systems are often chosen for residential buildings, social facilities as well as for commercial real estate.

We do not just keep up with the times. We are even a little ahead. There are a lot of devices using a Wi-Fi signal instead of old good wiring in Partizan storage. This review is just about them. Let's start!

2.0 MP OUTDOOR Wi-Fi Set IP-39 4xcam + 1xnVR (V2.0). A set is more convenient!

First of all, we will tell about sets for outside video surveillance. For example, this set includes 4 IP CCTV cameras and videorecorder with 8 channels. The system, if desired, can be expanded up to 8 CCTV cameras after purchasing additional IPO-2SP KIT 2.0 cameras. The recorder will still be connected to the Internet by cable, but the cameras will use Wi-Fi.

The main feature of the sets is the presence of smart functions that make a video surveillance system as smart as a starship.

Here are some additional features that you get along with the set, in addition to the excellent
image quality and convenient Wi-Fi connection:

  • Human detection: is one of the most popular smart tools. It is a "Must Have" in modern security systems.
  • Perimeter/line intrusion detection: the user can specify the zone, crossing the boundary of which will be detected by the device.
  • Abandoned things detection: CCTV camera detects suspiciously lonely bags, or cars parked in a wrong way and sends alarm notifications to the user.

The kit includes 2.0 MP IP CCTV cameras. They have a wide viewing angle, equipped with infrared illumination. These are street cameras, which means they are protected against aggressive weather conditions.

Such sets besides the equipment contain everything you need for installation. And like all PARTIZAN products, the cameras look nice. They are made in stylish white color and will look good on any object.

"Cube" IPC-2SP-IR 1.0: small but still good!

An interesting device for home and office. This compact 2.0 MP IP CCTV camera also uses Wi-Fi connection, has a wide viewing angle, works with Partizan Cloud and Partizan app. There is a night mode that provides high-quality image at a distance of up to 10 meters. This camera is quite strong and is moisture-protected.

But its most interesting features are additional functions like a siren and a stroboscope. In case of unauthorized intrusion on your territory this baby will not just be silent and record what is happening. It will raise so much noise that a thief will have to run away.

At the same time, the "cube" will not disturb you without reason. Built-in motion sensor protects against false alarms. Detection is very accurate!

A microphone and a speaker are also mounted into this camera, which means that it can be used for communication like a phone. "Cube" supports Micro SD memory cards but it also can store data in Partizan Cloud.

2.0 MP IP CCTV Camera Cloud bullet FullHD IPO-2SP WIFI: classic choice

This is IP CCTV camera in the classic "bullet" form on the basis of a high-tech 1/2.9" FullHD CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2.0 MP. It supports the smart function of human detection, shows perfectly any image in detail. There is a built-in microphone and infrared illumination that allows to see in darkness at a distance of up to 30 meters. Cool!

This CCTV camera can be connected both through the cable and via Wi-Fi for data transfer. The housing is very durable because it is made of metal. It is not plastic, everything is reliable. It also supports Micro SD memory cards.

And traditionally, Cloud Bullet FullHD IPO-2SP WiFi 1.2 IP CCTV camera works with Partizan mobile application and in our Cloud.

2.0 MP IP CCTV Camera Cloud Bullet FullHD IPO-2SP 4G: one more bullet CCTV camera

Hmm ... exactly the same CCTV camera, like the previous one? Yes and no. Technical specifications are identical, but there is one function that changes everything.

Network problems do not allow you to use an ordinary Wi-Fi camera? Now the problem is solved.

It is enough to insert SIM card into Cloud Bullet FullHD IPO-2SP 4G and the device will have its own mobile Internet connection. The only task is just to supply power. Then this CCTV camera can be installed in the most unexpected places where the usual Wi-Fi signal does not reach. In Serbia, one such CCTV cameras was placed directly ... in the stork nest. Now the ornithologists can observe the ass (crossed out) the life of a rare bird 24 hours a day.

Another Cloud Bullet FullHD IPO-2SP 4G was installed in the dwelling of the kestrels, the species of falcon. So unexpectedly we became participants in the study of all sorts of feathered beauties.

Cloud Robot FullHD IPH-2SP-IR CCTV camera: rise of the machines

This beauty is best to be taken for "service" at home or in a small office. The device is compact and stylish. A real hit among end-users. There is a remote control, so this CCTV camera can look around - by 355° horizontally and 120° vertically. Due to this ability and the presence of a built-in microphone, this Robot is capable of becoming a real "baby monitor". Watch up for your family in the distance and even communicate with them wherever you go. Partizan Cloud and our mighty mobile application will help you.

MYERS: your home is becoming smarter

MYERS is a brand under which we produce premium solutions for a smart home. And this review will obviously not be complete without wireless IP CCTV cameras and calling panels.

Such devices are completely autonomous. They don't even need to be connected to the power supply. They are equipped with built-in batteries, the capacity of which is enough for a long and stable operation. These devices are activated only when some movement is observed in the frame. Saving charge must work perfectly!

2.0MP FullHD Wire-Free IP CCTV camera MBC-Bullet is an outdoor model. Shock-resistant, able to see what is happening in complete darkness at a distance of 8 meters. Makes a clear, detailed picture, ideally “sees” even small details.

2.0MP FullHD Wire-Free IP CCTV Camera MBC-Cubic is more compact, better for home use. However, in the open air it also works quite good.

2.0MP FullHDWire-Free doorbell MBD-100 is basically a video doorbell. It has a built-in 1/3″ FullHD 2.0 Mp CCTV camera, microphone and speaker. So the panel can provide voice reply to the visitor. Supports SD cards and sees up to 3 meters in the dark.

Wi-Fi technology appeared some 20 years ago. But now it is difficult to imagine the modern world without it. And we are not even talking about individuals buried in their phones, asking for Wi-Fi in cafes and hotels. Life is really easier with wireless technology. In particular, in the field of video surveillance and security. Mobility, simplicity, autonomy - all these advantages can and should be actively used.