5 advantages of Partizan mobile app that hurt competitors


5 advantages of Partizan mobile app that hurt competitors


Yes, we are of that kind - we have specially created our software to be maximum convenient, productive and revolutionary. Therefore, we were not even particularly surprised when Partizan video surveillance mobile application received the Grand Prix of one of the most significant specialized exhibitions in Europe. But it surprised everyone else.

It happened in 2019 at Adria Security Summit. And since then, “Best CCTV Mobile App of the Year” has become even better. We've brought it to perfection through a series of updates. Now every day our development is used by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. Their number is constantly growing.

How exactly did Partizan overcome similar software from competitors? There are five reasons for this.

Reason №1: This is not China

Let's start with geopolitics. No, we do not have any prejudices about the product of the Celestial Empire. They are great, and such monsters as Hikvision and Dahua are generally worthy of all respect. We just have a different approach. European.

This difference reveals itself in everything - from usability to commercial ideology. Partizan is a 100% private platform. And in China everything is involved in close ties with the state machine. Hence the questions about data privacy and inviolability, and indeed the politicization of business.

Everything is transparent with us. We are not financed by the state, so we are completely focused on customer joy, so that as many users as possible “vote” for us with their money.

In addition, the aforementioned huge companies (and the like) are targeting huge projects. Our goal is small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, Partizan is closer, more understandable. Friendly.

Reason №2: User-friendly screens

In Partizan mobile application different IP CCTV cameras and even cameras connected to different video recorders can be combined on one screen. Of course, if you have a single CCTV camera connected to a single NVR, this feature will not be very much in demand. But if, for example, you have several rooms in your office, a warehouse, a reception, and there are several CCTV cameras installed in each room, you will immediately feel all the benefits of our solution.

You can configure CCTV camera “sets” on the screen as you wish. For example - all cameras above the aisles. And two from the corridor. And one from the street. In short, it can be any layout.

Adding cameras is easy. The interface is easy to navigate, even if you've been living in seclusion for the past 15 years and seeing a smartphone for the first time. There can be as many screens as you like. Partizan has no restrictions on this.

Reason №3: Live video, Archive, Event gallery

It's very convenient when everything is on one screen – archive and live video. In competing apps, you usually need to switch between these tabs. We know how annoying it is. And so we decided to act differently.

And we also added the Event Gallery to the same screen - a completely new Partizan feature for users of our Cloud. What's so cool about Event Gallery?

There you can immediately see pictures of the moments when the alarm was triggered. For example, motion detection. That means you do not need to look for alarm events on the timeline, everything is visible at once. This makes working with the archive faster and easier.

Working with the timeline is also very easy. Unwinding it all the way to the right, you get into live-video mode. Left - the archive is activated. Right there on the screen, you can switch between the record in the Cloud and the archive of your recorder. It is enough to click on the cloud icon on top. The switchover will take one second.

Reason №4: Easy access

Do you need to share access to video surveillance devices to several people at once? It is easy. You don't need to manually port, connect, configure anything each time. There are three ways to do it fast in Partizan mobile application:

  • Using a QR code (convenient for those who do not use our Cloud)
  • By providing access via e-mail (for Cloud users)
  • Via Cloud Link

 Cloud Link is one of our most recent developments, so it's worth focusing on.

This is a special link that allows you to add Partizan CCTV cameras to any software. For example, to third-party mobile applications, for transmission to monitoring centers, posting on the site. It can even be a VLC media player!

At the same time, Cloud Link does not need a static IP address at the facility where Partizan equipment is installed. Video data is transmitted in encrypted form using the HTTPS protocol. You can get access to them only if you know the unique security code.

Cancelling access is as easy as granting it. Refresh the code with one click and that's it. Previous links will become inactive. It is very convenient in cases where you need to provide access, for example, to neighbors during your vacation.

Reason №5: Speed

It takes half a second to transfer and download video from one CCTV camera. 6 cameras connected to one DVR are activated on the screen in 2-3 seconds. You can connect to a 16-channel NVR and see all the images in 5-6 seconds. It's really fast. You can check with a stopwatch.

What else?

Of course, these five reasons are not all the powerful aspects of Partizan mobile app. After all, it grows with us, being developed, becomes better. New features and additional functions are constantly appearing in it.

For example, in the application you can control not only video surveillance systems, but also our intercoms, calling panels and even smart relays! All devices of Partizan family in one mobile interface are not only convenient, it is an absolute must-have. In addition, in the application you can take snapshots of archived and live video in original resolution. You can control the mechanism of the PTZ CCTV camera (pan, tilt, zoom), change the volume of the sound from the camera, use two-way communication, download selected fragments of the video archive to your phone.

Companies that are engaged in the installation of video surveillance systems have the opportunity right inside our application to make their “business card” - with a logo and contacts. It will be displayed in the Contacts section of the end user.

And you know what? We will continue to improve our application further. The world does not stand still, which means there is no need to stop. Competitors need to be upset. Such is the law of the jungle. Sorry, it is business.

Therefore, this is clearly not the last time talking about the Partizan mobile application. We promise you will hear more about it.


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