Partizan in Budapest: meeting with maximum result


Partizan in Budapest: meeting with maximum resul


To the attention of Hungarian video surveillance specialists! On September 22, in Budapest, our distributor, MASCO, will hold a seminar that will tell everything about Partizan:

✅ What is the advantage of our mobile app and how to use it?
✅ Who needs Partizan Cloud and how to make money on it?
✅ What innovative smart home products Myers – a sub-brand of Partizan – offers?
✅ What new items from Partizan are ready to go to the market in the near future?

One of the most important points of the meeting is the integration of Satel and Partizan. Find out how easy and comfortable it is to control Satel alarms in our mobile app and why this compatibility is so cool for installers and users.

Partizan will be represented by Robert Ruszanyuk, the company's regional manager for the Balkans and Hungary. A real professional and just a great guy.

Prepare questions and come! We promise maximum useful information.
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Starting at 9:00
Location: Reitter Ferenc u. 166, 1131 Budapest, Hungary