6 reasons to use Partizan Cloud for video surveillance


6 reasons to use Partizan Cloud for video surveillance


Do you think that Cloud solutions are in the future? No, it's already real now. 94% of all IT companies use Cloud technologies. The CCTV industry is no exception.

Back in 2014, Partizan developed and launched its own Cloud video storage service - one of the first in the world! Optimization of backup and recovery, cost reduction, comfortable remote work: all these are the advantages of Partizan Cloud.

Partizan Cloud allows users to: 

1. Work easier and faster 

Creation and launch of video surveillance with Partizan Cloud does not require use of additional expensive equipment and complex software debugging. You just connect the CCTV cameras to the Cloud and use the automatic settings.

Partizan Cloud can work with CCTV cameras and DVRs of almost any manufacturer. The main condition is that they must support ONVIF protocol or RTSP stream. 

2. Work safer and more reliable

Video stored in the Cloud cannot be stolen or damaged. Even if attackers try to destroy the CCTV cameras and the recorder, they have no chance to get access to data in Partizan Cloud.

Our data centers are located in the USA and Europe. This ensures the maximum speed, stability, privacy and security of your data storage. Partizan Cloud works even with slow internet.

Partizan Cloud technical support is available 7 days a week. Mail, phone, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp - all the most convenient ways of communication are available to users.

3. Work more profitably and more efficiently

Traditional video surveillance solutions are an expensive investment with high up-front and operational costs. Using the Cloud costs 20% -50% less than a standard local video surveillance system, especially when it comes to a small facility (up to 4 CCTV cameras). There is no need to buy a recorder for 8 channels and special hard drives, video in high quality at the optimal rate is always available in the Cloud.

At the same time, the price for our Cloud is lower than that of AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. The price is transparent, Partizan has no additional conditions and limits. We are as simple and understandable as possible for each client!

4. Work more innovative and technologically advanced

Partizan Cloud allows you to receive PUSH notifications when alarms are triggered. For example, if a CCTV camera triggers the motion detection function, the user will instantly receive a message about it.

All alarm events are easy to find in the archive thanks to the conveniently implemented Gallery. The system takes screenshots on its own when certain scenarios are triggered, so they are easy to find on the timeline.

With the help of Cloud Link technology, Partizan CCTV cameras can be added to third-party applications of security systems, video from CCTV cameras can be transmitted for monitoring, opened for viewing in players that support the use of links, or inserted directly into the website. It is also convenient to use the link to provide temporary access to the video to colleagues or relatives.

And, of course, Partizan Cloud works with our top mobile app - winner of prestigious international awards. You can control the video surveillance system right in your smartphone!

5. Work under your own brand

You can use Partizan Cloud Service under your own trademark, including the original design of the interface. Many well-known players in the security industry work on our Cloud Engine. You would be quite surprised to know their names.

6. Work and earn

Thanks to Partizan video surveillance cloud service, you can build a source of additional passive income. This can be done not only by representatives of security companies or providers, but also by ordinary users.

The affiliate program is divided into three types:

Storage Partner - storing part of our video archive on your free servers for additional discounts.
OEM Partner - using the capabilities of our Cloud service under your own brand.
Platform Partner - purchase of a license and further use of our Cloud free of charge.

Within the framework of the agency program, opened to all users, it is possible to bring clients to Partizan and monthly receive 10% of the cost of the services they will order. More referred clients - more income.

Join Partizan Cloud test mode for 7 days!

During the demo week, the functionality of the service will be 100% yours for one selected CCTV camera. Take it and use it!


The time of the Cloud has come. Increase efficiency, expand your client base, open up new horizons for your business!


PARTIZAN mobile application is a laureate of prestigious international awards. Try and rate:
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