Surveillance in multi-apartment buildings


Surveillance in multi-apartment buildings


CCTV cameras in multi-apartment buildings are just as essential as in suburban homes. Many residences located under one roof can be a significant temptation for burglars. However, apartment burglars are not the only risk factor that necessitates the implementation of video surveillance in such places.

In multi-apartment buildings, video surveillance provides both individual protection for residences and contributes to the overall safety and comfort of all tenants. CCTV cameras can be installed not only in individual apartments or above their doors but also in corridors, stairwells, common balconies, elevators, and so on.

CCTV in these areas effectively serve as a deterrent for wrongdoers, both "professional" thieves and juvenile vandals who enjoy damaging property or leaving graffiti. It is well-known that none of them likes to be caught on camera doing anything wrong.

In addition to their anti-criminal and anti-vandal properties, video surveillance cameras in multi-apartment buildings help:

  • Monitor the cleanliness of common areas
  • Control the movement of elderly relatives
  • Understand what kind of guests children bring home when parents are away

What should CCTV cameras in multi-apartment buildings be like? 

  • Firstly, they should have sturdy, durable housing in case someone attempts to damage the equipment.
  • Secondly, they should operate an effective night mode since hallways are often dimly lit.
  • Thirdly, wireless Wi-Fi connectivity is quite relevant: installing cameras shouldn't require unnecessary wall drilling. This can irritate neighbours and may even be prohibited in a multi-apartment building.  

Don't forget about modern and remarkably useful features like smart video analytics. The latest surveillance systems can detect motion in a chosen area, find abandoned items, detect line or perimeter violations, identify the presence of a person in the frame, and detect faces. 

Feel free to contact us, and we will help you choose equipment for setting up surveillance of any complexity level and in any application area!