PTZ CCTV cameras: when you need to look around


PTZ CCTV cameras: when you need to look around


PTZ stands for "Pan-Tilt-Zoom". PTZ CCTV cameras can move left and right, up and down, and also have the ability to zoom in on the image. This allows for remote control of the viewing direction and the ability to perform planned "patrols" of an area manually or even in automatic mode, following predefined points.

The first PTZ video camera was invented in 1954. These models were controlled using mechanical devices such as handles and levers. Over the last seven decades, PTZ cameras have undergone significant advancements. They now use digital and motorized systems to provide high-quality images, precision, and camera movement speed. Such cameras are often equipped with automated "smart" features, such as tracking moving objects - people or vehicles.

PTZ cameras find wide applications in various fields:

  • Firstly, it's natural that they are used for the security and protection of industrial facilities, offices, and commercial premises.
  • Secondly, these cameras are often installed on streets and highways to enhance road safety and assist law enforcement.
  • Thirdly, they are in high demand in logistics, especially for navigation and transport safety.

A more exotic application is wildlife observation. PTZ cameras allow researchers to effectively monitor animals in their natural habitats.

Forestry operations often utilize PTZ cameras. They are installed on special towers above tree level, allowing for the quick detection of possible forest fires and their suppression.

Finally, the military and defence sector is a very relevant application area for PTZ cameras. They are actively used for border surveillance, on military bases, checkpoints, and more.

Partizan, following the latest CCTV industry trends, also manufactures its own PTZ cameras. This modern equipment meets the strictest requirements.

Partizan PTZ cameras are created based on high-tech sensors capable of delivering images in Super HD quality up to 4K. They are reliably protected from moisture and dust with an IP66 rating. Special attention is paid to the durability of the camera's housing and moving parts since they often operate outdoors, where adverse weather conditions are not uncommon: heavy rains, storms, and snowdrifts. Most Partizan PTZ cameras maintain full functionality at temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 °C.

Partizan PTZ cameras are "smart" devices. Depending on the model, they support current smart video analytics features, including motion detection, face and license plate recognition, human and vehicle detection, object detection, intrusion detection, and line crossing. These cameras can also be integrated with third-party security systems, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of protecting important facilities such as airports, ports, parking lots, warehouses, military bases, residential complexes, and more.