Video surveillance in a hotel: peace of mind for guests and owners


Video surveillance in a hotel: peace of mind for guests and owners


Even a small hotel statistically accommodates several thousand people per month. All of them carry money, gadgets, and important documents. This poses a risk, because valuables may be lost or stolen. If the hotel has a restaurant, add alcohol-related conflicts and health and property harms to the list of potential issues.

Thus, the following tasks can be immediately identified for the video surveillance system:

  • Ensuring security
  • Preserving valuables
  • Supporting law and order
  • Improving service quality

In most countries, hotel owners are legislatively required to install surveillance cameras. Informational announcements such as "Video surveillance is underway" must indicate the presence of video recording. Here are the main places where cameras should be installed:

  • Reception and cash desk area
  • Entrances/exits, driveways
  • Parking lots, technical rooms
  • Stairs, corridors
  • Kitchen, dining area, bar
  • Children's area/pool/water park (if available)

What should hotel video surveillance be capable of? 

Today, CCTV systems support intelligent features and video analytics capabilities. These include line and perimeter crossing detection, people and abandoned object detection, and license plate recognition. Our CCTV cameras encompass all these features, along with the Partizan mobile application (enabling surveillance control directly from your smartphone!) and Cloud video archive storage service. The ability for continuous surveillance and long-term storage of recorded video in the Cloud will undoubtedly benefit hotel owners. 

Outdoor cameras should have a high level of protection against moisture and dust. It is also advisable to choose models with anti-vandal housings.  

In parking lots and large open areas, opting for PTZ cameras with the capability to 'track' vehicles, pedestrians, and patrol designated points would be a wise choice. To learn more about PTZ cameras, you can refer to one of our recent articles. 

In conclusion, video surveillance systems in hotels receive special attention. Partizan equipment will do this job perfectly.