New accessorize in Partizan stock!


In September new lenses were added to the Partizan stock line. They are designed for installation on a surveillance camera with a resolution of up to 5 megapixels! This refers to the monofocal (M2.8MF.IR(3MP), M2.8MF.IR(5MP), M6MF.IR(3MP), M8MF.IR(5MP)), and varifocal CSA2.8-12VF.IR(3MP), CSA3.3-10.5VF.IR(5MP), CSA7-22VF.IR(3MP)) lenses.

The above mentioned megapixel lenses are manufactured using only high quality glass lenses, therefore they transmit  uniform optical path  which is enough for 5 MP camera.  All megapixel models of the line  bear  IR (Infrared) marking which means that the lens has  IR coating and IR correction.     

Table of lens model description:

Partizan QXYZ.[IR][3MP]



The mount type: С, CS, M7, M12


Operational conditions: A (auto iris) – DC iris regulation (DC type); M (manual iris) – manual iris regulation; P(p-iris) – automatic iris control with high precision


The lens focal length


MF - monofocal; VF - varifocal; TF - transfocal


IR coating and IR correction availability     


Number of megapixelswhen using a particularlens

For more information please contact our sales department or the Partizan representative  in your region.