Partizan uses a digital signature in its products


The team Partizan developers now integrates a digital signature to all new software products. This step will simplify the work of our users in InternetExplorer browser, certify the origin of software at launch of such services as SmartScreen (Windows 7/8), as well as ensure a number of other advantages.

 What is the certificate for?

 Unsigned ActiveX controls are not easy to run in InternetExplorer, since the user has to perform a number of steps to run unsigned components. Signed with a digital certificate ActiveX component is started without additional manipulations. A user only needs to allow its installation once. When notifying the launch of ActiveX our users can make sure that they launch Partizan program module.


This web-site is trying to install Partizan Security LLP Add-in from Partizan Security LLP. In addition, all new releases of Partizan software will be signed by this digital signature. You can verify digital signature by viewing the context menu on the executable file.


 "Digital Signatures" tab and availability of information in it guarantees:

• Origin of software from Partizan development team

• Eliminates third-party interference with software (modified file either loses a digital signature or does not operate).

• Confirms that you are using current Partizan software.

Partizan development team will continue making every effort to ensure that our customers receive qualitative, trusted and multifunctional product!