Hybrid technologies – Christmas story from Partizan!

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It happened that an active phase of presentation of a new line of hybrid Partizan DVRs is held on the eve of New Year holidays. So this time we’ll try to present a new product inspired by Christmas, in the New Year mood.

Assume for a moment that the beloved Santa Claus planned to upgrade his video surveillance system. After all, everyone knows that he has great possessions, including a large toy factory, which needs thorough watch or care.

And here, Santa Claus faces a difficult task – how to carry out an upgrade and not to be deceived into parting with money? This is discussed in today's story.

The key to the solution lies in using the right camera in the right place. For example, for the arrangement of static observation, where you have to get an overall picture without too much detail - it makes no sense to use expensive IP cameras. At the same time, to get quality detailed images it is just needed to use the IP or AHD cameras.

And here hybrid video surveillance technologies and registration from Partizan will come to help our good old man. They will help reduce the cost for system upgrade, and enable not to limit you in the type of equipment used. Due to their capabilities, they enable constructing a video surveillance system based on analogue, digital or AHD cameras, as well as combining all three types into a single system – getting the most out of it.

HDR 41M 81M

As a universal tool, let’s offer a new hybrid Partizan HDR-81M AHD DVR to Santa. This model combines all the advantages of digital and analogue video surveillance systems, has the ability to record and playback video in the resolution of 1080p, 960H, and also supports 1hSATA HDD up to 4TB. Hybrid modes enable connecting 3 kinds of cameras with the following recording modes….

Well, stop! We went deep into the technical details; we are writing a New Year story. Everyone can get acquainted with PC in product description on our website. Let’s proceed with our holiday story.

Partizan HDR-81M DVR supports the Onvif protocol that enables our Father Frost easily integrating it into his existing video surveillance system.

Hybrid Partizan HDR-81M AHD DVR is the perfect solution when you need the practicality and reasonable economy!


And one more important fact – brand Partizan uses green and red in its corporate colors. As you know they are the colors of the New Year – well, how can Santa SantaClaus resist and fail to buy exactly Partizan!