NoIP service - got a new name!

Brand Partizan announces the renaming of well-known remote access service - Partizan NoIP service. Now this excellent service will be named - NIP service and will look like this:

nip logo

Let’s remind that this service enables getting remote access Partizan DVRs or IP cameras Web interface using device serial number and the Internet. Partizan NIP service is absolutely free and is a great alternative to using a static IP address or paid DDNS service.

The main advantage of Partizan NIP service is the absence of any additional settings, namely port forwarding like while using a static IP address or DDNS service. Only device serial number and Internet connection are required for fully functional operation of Partizan NIP service. Also it is worth noting the use of UPnP technology by Partizan NIP service, which enables updating this service much faster and more often than any other DDNS service.

More detailed information on Partizan NIP service features are available at: