Partizan AHD DVRs - three in one!

 HDR 82M v3.0 

It is not news that nowadays consumers often want to get more and pay less at the same time. Multi-function devices, such as food processors, smart phones and even shampoo – shower gel at the same time – entered our everyday life long time ago. Surely, everyone has a thing that has more than one purpose, and successfully performs its functions. That's right, why pay more! There is such a universal solution in video surveillance systems too.

The line of hybrid Partizan AHD DVRs profitably combines three different types of operational equipment for video surveillance. This type DVRs enable simultaneous using of three types of cameras – AHD, analogue and digital – in video surveillance systems. Budget saving by using such a solution speaks for itself.

Today we present a novelty – a hybrid 8-channel AHD DVR Partizan HDR-82HD v3.0. We mentioned the advantages above, now a little bit of performance. The DVR has the ability to record and display video in 1080p and supports 2xSATA HDD up to 4TB. Nice plus, right? FullHD enables watching a quality picture and extended memory up to 8 TB will let forget about transferring files for more than 3 months, while recording at maximum resolution.

Partizan HDR-82HD v3.0 is great to use for building a combined video surveillance system at any objects. Support for ONVIF protocol will enable not to limit you in choosing camera manufacturer, and will enable to easily integrate the DVR into existing video surveillance system.

HDR-82HD v3.0 DVR comes completed with professional Partizan CMS software and has a 3-year warranty.