Partizan meets the requirements of Dubai (UAE) Police!


Great news! Partizan products have been successfully tested for compliance with the requirements applied to video surveillance equipment by Dubai (UAE) Police.

Expert evaluation was conducted by CONSQUARE Security Consultancy based on Dubai (UAE) Police Law 24 of 2008 and its latest addendums.

However, what is most interesting! During the evaluation, it was determined that Partizan equipment not only meets all the parameters stated in the requirements, but in most cases exceeds those parameters. In particular, the line of Partizan analogue cameras showed the result higher than required by 230%, and analogue DVRs – byas much as 500%. Equipment based on hybrid technology also demonstrated a high level of compliance. The features of 16-channel hybrid Partizan DVR are 650% higher than necessary requirements.

As for the equipment for IP video surveillance, according to experts, the entire line also several times exceeds all the required parameters.

The proof for compliance is Security Equipment Compliance Certificate, which can be presented at the request of our customers.

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Partizan Security thanks CONSQUARE Security Consultancy for the assessment and is proud that Partizan equipment meets such high requirements.

CONSQUARE Security Consultancy are Certified Security Consultants & Authorized Security Auditors of Department of Protective Systems of Dubai (UAE) Police.