AHDH in Partizan devices is available!


We are happy to announce that all Partizan video recorders have significant upgrade.

The most vivid innovation has become a full support of AHDH standard in the “Premium” models series, corresponding to Full HD (1920x1080). Moreover, AHD technology will be present in all other product lines: even the cheapest devices will be able to receive and record AHDL (960х576) video streaming and AHDM (1280x720) in “Standard” devices.

Premium models with AHDH standard will provide 2 MP image, with no lag, drawbacks and limitations that IP cameras usually have. Implementation of AHD technology in all video recorders Partizan increases the quality and interference immunity of a streaming image on the same distance and cable network as for usual analog cameras. Plus, AHD signal can include sound, alarm signals and control commands.

Corresponding improvement was made for the line AHD cameras: budgetary series provides an image up to 1 MP, providing a AHDM signal with resolution 1280x720, “Standard” has risen it’s abilities up to 1.3 MP (1280x960) and “Premium” provides sterling Full HD 2 MP (1920x1080) Renewed models are already being produced, and soon they will be on selling. In addition, production of usual analog devices will be gradually reduced.