Partizan is fully compatible with SecurOS software from ISS

A test on cooperative work of hybrid video recorder Partizan ADH-16A with ISS SecurOS software was held by the ISS company specialists, works on developing and producing of video management systems.

The test has shown a total compatibility of video recorder and SecurOS software, all the tests were successful, including integration stability test, experimented on big massive of cameras. ISS specialists marked, that the usage of hybrid video recorders Partizan gives possibility to build video management system with the following scheme: analog and/or IP cameras -> DVR Partizan -> server and и ISS software. The big advantage is a good compatibility of applied Partizan equipment and it’s versatility in connection type to video stream sources, Partizan ADH-16A can work with IP and usual analog cameras in different combinations. During the tests, video recorder was connected to equipment and ISS software via RTSP stream.

ISS – is a certified technological partner of the greatest integrators in surveillance and security market. Different systems were successfully installed and functions in different branches of economics and state infrastructure sectors - industrial enterprises, banks, state institutions, transport, highways, city infrastructure objects and others, based on ISS software. Integrations means flexibility and openess of SecurOS software lets to widen the functionality of already existing systems, to solve project tasks of practically any level of difficulty.