Partizan power supply units have received European certifications of security and compatibility

According to the results of independent laboratories testing, Partizan DC supplies gained additional benefits for the promotion at the Eropean market.

Tested models were certified for conformity to the newest European electro safety (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU) and electromagnetic compatibility (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU) standards, all devices fully passed testing complexes.

The certification list includes the indoor power supply units, some models permit to install interior storage battery, turning them to an uninterruptible power supplies. The full list of certified Partizan devices: PPS-12V/1A, PPS-12V/2A, PPS-12V/5A, PPS-12V/10A, PPS-12V/20A, PPSU-12V/2A-7a/h, PPSU-12V/5A-7a/h, PPSU-12V/5A-18a/h, PPSU-12V/8A-18a/h.

А conformity of Partizan power supply units to European electro safety and electromagnetic compatibility certifications will simplify promotion of these products and vendor at European market.