Partizan Calculator: Exact calculation of archive volume!

Now when constructing the Video Surveillance System it is not necessary to estimate approximately how many hard disks and with what volume it should be necessary to purchase in response to one or another problem. Specialized Partizan Calculator Software will assist you to learn exact capacity of stores of the video recorder, necessary for archive storage.

Based on seven parameters of the Video Surveillance System, set by the user, the program precisely calculates the size of the necessary disk space. It can be downloaded free of charge from section "Software" of the web-site Partizan (the reference for program downloading: http://download.partizan-cctv.com/Software/partizan_calculator.zip.

Partizan Calculator works under management of 32 and 64-digit Windows Operational Systems, its requirements to capacity of the computer are minimum.

The utility software has simple and clear interface, providing the user with the possibility to choose one of five languages of dialogue: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German or Czech. For calculation of volume of archival records it is necessary to specify parametres, as follows:

  • type of the camera that serves as a source of video data (analogous, AHD or IP model);
  • one of six quality levels of shooting;
  • an image format (CIF, D1, 720p, 960p, 1080p, 3M, 5M);
  • frame rate p. s. in a video stream (1-25 k/s);
  • intensity of work of the camera (10-100 %);
  • number of cameras in the Video Surveillance System;
  • necessary volume of archive per day.

Results of calculations are instantly deduced in the form of necessary disk space in Gbytes, and in the form of load intensity on a network in Megabits per second.

Besides, results of calculations and the set parameters of archive are shown in the form of lines of a spreadsheet in the basic field of a window of the program. Every line may be removed or edited, having changed initial data.

Use of Partizan Calculator Software allows to execute exact, rather than "approximate", calculation of necessary capacity of stores in video recorders of the video surveillance system. Calculations are made for any combinations of types and quantity of cameras, quality of record and duration of an archive.