Partizan Pro - MAC address in one click!

A feature dramatically facilitating new IP equipment connection has been added in the current version of the professional software for mobile devices Partizan Pro for Android (v. 1.0.4). Now, there quire MAC address of a camera can be accessed through scanning its QR-code, and this operation is performed just in one click.

In the up coming update Partizan Pro developers are going to implement the search function of Partizan equipment in the network. Then the process of adding equipment will become even more automated, the user will only have to input device name, login and password to access it.

The Partizan Pro application enables remote management of IP devices and allows to view their video streams on mobile smartphones and tablets. And the Partizan NIP-2 service allows to add IP cameras, analog, hybrid and IP video recorders Partizan just using their unique MAC address, login and password. In order to use the Partizan NIP-2 service, the equipment firm ware should be upgraded.

The new version of Partizan Prov. 1.0.4 is already available at PlayMarket.