Partizan Device Manager – uncontrolled freedom from browsers

logo device managerVery often users have difficulties when they use web interface. One day plug-ins do not work, another day some important elements are blocked because of security policy.

We are glad to inform you, that Partizan development department has produced a Partizan Device Manager software which allows to exclude web interface use completely when operating with our equipment. This Software is very convenient to use, and allows to get access to the IP-camera or the DVR by using IP-address or MAC of the device.

Partizan Device Manager features:

• Automatic search of Partizan equipment in network.

• Supplementing of Partizan equipment manually into the program list (pointed by IP-address or MAC).

• Device information display: firm ware version and build date, Partizan ID, MAC-address.

• Change password for an access to the device.

• Live video view.

• Device firm ware updating, reset of the device settings to the factory defaults.

• Device network parameters adjustment.

• The Found or added equipment can be stored in memory of the application.

Partizan Device Manager form



1. Language settings.

2. Pro mode on/off.

3. Device parameters management.

Use following link to download Device Manager software.

Due to the release of new software we are informing, that tools for remote access and adjustment of equipment Partizan NIP that was operated earlier through the web interface would not be supported any more. All possibilities of the given tools are implemented now in the Partizan Device Manager.