Partizan Pro 1.0.7 for Android – There's no limit to perfection!


Dear Partners and Customers! Partizan’s developers are still not ready to rest and are willing to present an updated version of the application for Android – Partizan Pro 1.0.7.

In new version some bugs were fixed and a number of useful features were added. Due to these improvements, a new version of the application contains a list of significant advantages. Namely:

- PIN-code entering at the application start-up is now protected by privacy mask;

- errors when connecting to a device via MAC address were corrected;

- archive search filters were added: by alarm, motion and others.

privat maskasearch

New features of Partizan Pro 1.0.7 mobile app for Android will provide the users with a feeling of enhanced privacy, ability to more quickly find the required files, and not to experience any additional difficulties when connecting to the device via MAC address!

Latest version of Partizan Pro 1.0.7 is already available in Play Market.

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