Sberbank of Russia is a new client of Partizan!


We hasten to inform you about the start of project on installation a system of video surveillance based on Partizan equipment in Sberbank of Russia.

At this time the systems of IP video surveillance have already been installed in 6 facilities with Sberbank ATMs of Nalchik, and soon all ATMs of the bank’s network in Nalchik will be under video surveillance of Partizan.

Banking sector, first of all, is fundamentally another level of safety as compared to all other commercial facilities. Banking facilities and its ATMs must be protected as much as possible from all potential threats and that’s why the bank’s safety system must be modern and sophisticated.

This is precisely why this solution uses outdoor IP and Full HD IP cameras with resolution by 1 and 2 megapixels as well as multichannel Full HD IP video recorder Partizan. Due to usage of IP video surveillance the bank’s guard service has the opportunity to keep continuous video surveillance for ATMs at all times and in all weathers. This improves safety system and gives its clients an additional sense of security and confidence.

This project has been implemented due to official Partizan dealer in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic – the company “Center on software development”.

Besides, Partizan is ready to propose other solutions for banking sector based on its own equipment.


videoVideo surveillance.

Surely, video surveillance in banks should be digital. Therefore, as the system design we always recommend anti-vandal dome cameras with IR for indoor use and sealed metal cylinders for use on building facades. Checkout areas have always deserved special attention. There we recommend installation of boxing high-resolution cameras with interchangeable lens for optimal settings.

Advantages of our equipment:

- a wide product range;

- reliable performance of equipment in various temperature conditions;

- high image quality and detailed images for identification of persons, banknotes and small items;

- efficient operation in difficult light conditions (direct sunlight, lamps, twilight, etc.);

- powerful independent solutions for recording video archives with long-term storage of up to six months;

- possibility of integration into existing systems.



Control systems and access control.

A bank requires administrative staff, security and management, as well as people associated with the storage and use of property and monetary funds. That is why part of the territory inside and outside the Bank must be equipped with Partizan biometric terminals to ensure the highest level of safety. Secondary zones can be controlled by the classic cards readers. In addition, Partizan controllers allow you to manage not only doors, but also turnstiles, vestibules, barriers in entry and exit to the parking lot.

Advantages of our equipment:

- a wide range of security and control levels using various technologies (card, code keypad, biometric data);

- comprehensive coverage of access indoors and outdoors;

- a number of special solutions for banks and depositories (flexible control of vestibule, delay at the store entry for full verification of a guest, video surveillance in addition to the monitoring by IDs, Badge Room, etc.);

- fully network-based interface and system management;

- complete set of auxiliary analytical modules for controlling the staff operation, guests reception and recording of working time;

- full integration and compatibility with Partizan video surveillance.