Partizan NIP service Connection manual


1. Preparation of plugging to Partizan NIP

Connection to Partizan NIP service begins from verification of service state in a plugging-in device and receiving a device serial number.

Note! To run NIP service its support must be switched “on” in a connected device. How to check connection status and switch Partizan NIP service see below in p. 1.1 – 1.3.

Note! Number, printed on the equipment package, is not valid for Partizan NIP registration. You have to use the one, which receiving described in p. 1.1. – 1.3.

 There are three ways to get a device serial number, check service state and switch “on” Partizan NIP service:

1.1 Enter Main menu⇒Info⇒Version in a Partizan video recorder. Line “Partizan ID” contains a device serial number, line “SerialNo” contains a device service state. You can switch “on” or switch “off” the Partizan NIP service support in a video recorder at Main menu⇒System⇒NetService⇒Cloud.

1.2 Connect to the device web-interface, open «Info» section in «Device settings» menu and click «Version» icon:


Line «Serial ID» contains a device serial number, and «Partizan NoIP» line contains information about service state in a given device.

You can switch “on” or “off” Partizan NIP service from a webinterface here:

Device config⇒System⇒NetService⇒Parizan NoIP.


1.3 Enter menu System⇒Device config in Partizan CMS software and choose the device to connect with Partizan NIP service. Then open Info⇒Version.

Line «Serial ID» contains serial number for authorization in Partizan NIP service, the line «Nat status» describes service status in a device.

You can activate Partizan NIP service in Partizan CMS. Enter CMS menu: System⇒Device config⇒System⇒NetService⇒Cloud and choose «Enable».


2. Authorization in a Partizan NIP service

After switching “on” a Partizan NIP support in a device and receiving its serial number, you have to register your equipment in a service. You can do it at the page in two different ways: by device or by user.


Note! The correct work of Internet services and web interfaces of Partizan devices guaranteed only in Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.


2.1 Authorization by device

Open tab «Device Login», enter serial number of a connecting camera or video recorder and a verification code for authorization by device.

After clicking «Login», browser will load the web interface window of a connecting device.


2.2 Authorization by user

2.2.1 User registration

At the «User Login» tab at the page, you have to click «Register» button,


and fill the fields of a user registration form in an opened window:

2.2.2 Login in to Partizan NIP service

Fill the form in the tab «User Login» at with user name and password, used during registration in NIP. And enter the page for controlling of devices, attached to this user:

Tab «My devices» allows to review set of installed devices, tab «Device manager» allows adding and/or editing of installed device parameters.


2.2.3 Adding a device

Click «Add» in «Device manager» tab, the following form will appear:

Enter here:

  • Device serial number (the ways to it receiving are described in p. 1.1 – 1.3)
  • Device name (support only Latin characters)
  • Login&password for device access from web-interface

2.2.4 Login in to the device web-interface

To connect to web-interface of added IP cameras or video recorders you should follow tab «My devices» and click on the needed device name. If login and password were not entered while registration, a window for user authorization in a device web interface will appear.