Cloud service for Partizan cameras


Partizan Cloud Storage is the service, allowing you to record video that works on Partizan cloud servers. With this service you can record and view video streams from IP Cameras or analogue DVRs without using local data storages.


The advantages of cloud data storage:

  • The DVR or computer are not situated at the territory of the object. So there is no need to ensure their physical safety, no-break power, climate and other service conditions;
  • The opportunities of a common DVR are initially limited by the number of hardware channels for the analogue signal. It will not be able to process more than 4, 8 or 16 video channels. And cloud DVR can be connected to one, five, seventeen or any other number of cameras;
  • There is no need to pre-calculate the capacity of a hard drive! It is enough to state the number of days you need for keeping a record from each of the selected cameras to a cloud DVR and cloud service will provide the necessary amount of storage;
  • Records on cloud servers are constantly duplicated, so your video archive will not be lost in case of equipment failure;
  • Video streams from cameras connected to the service can be broadcast to the web-site.


Technical features:

  • To add a device to the cloud it is necessary to specify its MAC address (can be found at the sticker on the packaging or on the device), login and password;
  • Cloud service will work even if a network uses a dynamic IP address;
  • There is no need to configure network equipment. Cloud technologies will do everything for you!
  • It works even with slow Internet connection! Partizan cloud cameras use not more than 1 Mbps of bandwidth.



  • Partizan Cloud Storage for iPhone/iPad is available for free download in the App Store App Store
  • Partizan Cloud Storage for Android is available for free download in Play Market Play Market
  • Web version is still in development


How can I try the service in real operation?

Partizan Cloud Storage is already working! To test the service, you need to update the firmware of your device and install the mobile software. Follow the instructions in the mobile application ("Help" section).

Partizan Cloud Storage application has a simple and intuitive user interface designed in a pleasant "cloud" theme. Let's get acquainted with its basic features and box’s appearance.

Interface and installation

The process of connecting to Partizan Cloud Storage and use of its features begins at the application home page, there is a «Help» button which allows instantly to get acquainted with system functionality.

How to register a user and a device in the service:

First, Partizan Cloud Storage user need to pass the procedure of registration and personal authorization.

Adding cameras to the service

Next Step: connecting cameras to the service. The software offers a fairly simple procedure of adding cameras to Partizan Cloud Storage service. Its first step is to update the firmware of added cameras.

The devices themselves are registered by their unique MAC address; neither local nor global IP addresses are required for this process. Besides, equipment type and name and time zone it is located in, can be filled into the form. Next, you should choose a tariff plan for recording to a cloud server; specify a username and password for camera authorization.

For apply the changes and include the camera to the list of devices connected to Partizan Cloud Storage you must reboot it.

Partizan Cloud Storage service supports the entire range of Partizan IP cameras.

How to use camera control interface:

Partizan Cloud Storage allows to view a list of equipment registered in the service and check out its online status. The interface of that window allows one-click switch to the review of live video from a selected device or to its archive records.

One swipe on mobile device touch screen can open control buttons of attached cameras that allows to edit their settings or delete it from the service. Interface page has colorful elements to facilitate and accelerate its visual perception:

  • disabled cameras are gray icons;
  • using cloud services, but active devices, get gray button of live video start.

Even if a camera is not in the network, the user of the service can view its video archive.


How to view the live video:

Live video view from the camera can be adjusted with just one click!

During video playback you can take snapshots, saving its to your smartphone/tablet photo album.

Live video view is not alternative to simultaneous recording from this camera. It can be run during video demonstration.

How to view and play archival records:

To speed up the search of a necessary record the initial request can be performed by specifying the period of time within which it is guaranteed located. Search results are provided in the form of 30-minute intervals for convenient navigation therein.

Exact search of an interesting range within the selected video segment is performed by analogue slider. Alarms and events recorded by the camera are marked at its timeline by patches of different colours.

While watching the video archive you can make screenshots that will be stored locally to smartphone/tablet storage. Return to a search page is possible at any time of movie playback.