Box camera CBX-32HQ 1.0

Indoor box camera CBX-32HQ 1.0

This model designed for installation in a heated room with the temperature maintained within +10°C ~ +55°C. Its specialization will determine the type and focal length of the mounted lens. It purchased additional and installed with the C/CS type mounting.

Applied matrix 1/3 "SONY Exmor CMOS 720p Gen II has a very high sensitivity, its minimum illumination is only 0.005 lux. This gives the camera the ability to work successfully in color mode without an external illumination, even at dusk, improving image informatively, reducing power consumption and hiding it operations. A wide dynamic range of 72 dB allows to save the slightest nuances and details in both bright and dark areas of the image.

The sensor provides a very high quality picture with a resolution of 1,000 TV lines. Camera electronics supports three-dimensional noise reduction algorithm (3D-DNR), provides automatic white balance adjustment (AWB). It implements algorithms of backlight compensation (BLC) and motion detection, automatic signal gain (AGC). To setup the device and video processing functions camera has an integrated OSD menu.

Small body size, minimum weight, and power consumption of the camera simplifies installation and power supplying to it.





User Manual

OSD Menu

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