Dome camera varifocal IPD-VF1MP PoE

Updated IP camera for indoor use had the opportunity to receive power through the network (PoE). Its sensor 1/3 "Aptina generates an image with a resolution of 1280x960 or 1920x720 at 25 fps.

The lens has adjustable focal length (2,8-12 mm), which makes it possible to accurately adjust the camera's view, if necessary, focusing on the image of the observed object, instead of shooting the overall plans.

The camera in the dome housing, providing a IP44 protection degree. The direction of the optical axis of the lens can be easily adjusted on three axis and set the desired zoom manually While installing it. Its consumption does not exceed 6 watts of electric power and can be provided from both the external power supply or the Ethernet interface cable (PoE).

The model supports integration with proprietary software professional video surveillance systems Partizan CMS, mobile platforms iOS and Android, as well as third-party software AxxonNext, Intellect, SecurOS, Milestone, Macroscop, working protocol ONVIF. IPD-VF1MP POE has partial support for cloud Partizan technologies.





User Manual

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Upgrade firmware manual

Partizan NIP service Connection manual

Free Video Surveillance Software "CMS"

User Manual Partizan CMS

Partizan Device Manager

Tool for playing video archive "H.264"

Utility to view video archives from USB storage

Tools for converting video archive "H.264 to AVI"

Archive volume calculating software Partizan Calculator"

Partizan Cloud for ANDROID

Partizan Device Manager for ANDROID

Partizan Cloud for iOS

Partizan Device Manager for iOS


* Information and equipment can change without prior notice.

** Standard ports of the device 34567 (TCP) and 554 (RTSP) must be used to work with cloud applications


Partizan NVH-852 2.0

Partizan NVH-852 2.0

  NVH-852 2.0 Channels quantity: 8 / 24 / 32 Resolution: 8.0MP / 5.0MP / 2.0MP Internal HDD: 1xSATA

Partizan NVH-822 POE 2.0

Partizan NVH-822 POE 2.0

  NVH-822 POE 2.0 Channels quantity: 8 Resolution: 5.0MP Internal HDD: 1xSATA

Partizan NVT-1624 POE

Partizan NVT-1624 POE

  NVT-1624 POE Channels quantity: 16 Resolution: 5Mp Internal HDD: 8xSATA

Partizan NVM-421 POE 1.1

Partizan NVM-421 POE 1.1

  NVM-421 POE 1.1 Channels quantity: 4 Resolution: 5Mp Internal HDD: 1xSATA

Partizan NVH-2422 1.0

Partizan NVH-2422 1.0

  NVH-2422 1.0 Channels quantity: 8 Resolution: 5Mp Internal HDD: 4xSATA

Partizan NVH-852 1.0

Partizan NVH-852 1.0

  NVH-852 1.0 Channels quantity: 24 / 32 Resolution: 1Mp / 2Mp Internal HDD: 1xSATA