Vandalproof cameras Partizan have received IK10 protection certification.



Reliability of Partizan production was proved by International Certification!

Three models of dome Partizan cameras have received a certificate of accordance to international standard of protection from mechanic impacts EN 62262:2002 due to IK10 specification. The test was held on dome IP Partizan cameras IPD-VF1MP-IR, IPD-VF2MP-IR and analog CDM-860S-IR, designed to work in the most difficult and threatening conditions. To reach high durable characteristics the models produced in metallic housing and equipped with strengthened glass.

Accordance to IK10 specification means a very high level of protection from exterior mechanic impacts, the criteria of testing for receiving a certificate are really impressive. To receive a certificate camera has to survive 5 hits with 2 kilos steel bowls, falling from the 1 meter height with the impact energy of 20 J, and the impact speed of 4,5 m/sec. The models IPD-VF1MP-IR, IPD-VF2MP-IR и CDM-860S-IR have passed this test with dignity, they had no any damage after such vandal tests.

Now the consumers of Vandal proof Partizan cameras can be sure about the reliability. It’s steadiness against exterior mechanic impacts corresponds to the specification IK10 of international standard EN 62262:2002 with maximum requirements. The models Partizan IPD-VF1MP-IR, Partizan IPD-VF2MP-IR и Partizan CDM-860S-IR are suitable for operation in a very tough conditions, IK10 certificate opens many ways for markets, where its presence is a necessary condition.