Thank you for choosing Partizan – the number one brand for reliable systems of economy class. In case of a fault , upon presentation of the guarantee card, the Buyer has the right for repair of the equipment purchased from the Seller (except for mounting hardware) during the warranty period (36 months from the date of purchase). Warranty shall not be valid in case the defects in the goods are caused by a violation of the rules of use, storage, transportation or by the actions of third parties. All claims of the Buyer shall be written in the warranty card with a detailed description of the sequence of actions that occurred as a result of disability.

The product is not covered under the warranty if:

  • Loss Warranties;
  • Inappropriate use of the product, namely:
    1. the use of equipment in conditions which are not covered by the manufacturer's instructions, the excess load recommended by the manufacturer;
    2. mechanical damage (dents, cracks, chips, etc..)
    3. cut off cable connector (cable cutting is permitted only at a distance of 1 sm from the plug). Keep in mind that part of the cable from the junction box to the camera itself is a part of technology and can't be damaged or cut in any case, as this will lead to a complete loss of the functionality of the camera and warranty;
    4. lack of or damage to the seals on the device;
    5. change of the factory caracteristics and use of the device different to its original characteristics;
    6. malfunctions caused by hitting of foreign objects;
    7. the failure of the elements of the device as a result of storms or other natural phenomena;
    8. the presence of chemical, electrochemical, electrostatic or extreme heat damage;
    9. damage caused by mismatch power, communication or cabling requirements specified in the instruction device;
    10. damage caused by installation of non-conforming components that are not included with the unit;
    11. incorrect work with the hardware and software products and/or incorrect re-programming.

Warranty does not cover:

  • The damage caused to other equipment that works in conjunction with the product;
  • The compatibility of the product with products and software products of third parties, with respect to their compatibility and configuration of systems.

Disclaimer of Other Warranties:

The Seller,under any circumstances, shall not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, loss of profits cases, business interruption, loss of business information or other pecuniary loss) arising from the use or inability to use the purchased equipment.

Other conditions:

  • All transport costs borne by the Buyer and are non-refundable;
  • The warranty period is increased by the time of the equipment being repaired; - The warranty is handled in the service center of Seller.

Terms and stages of a warranty repair:

In case of deficiencies of the equipment, the Buyer contacts the Seller to fill in the warranty card and hands over the goods to the technical examination for repair. After receipt, the Service Center diagnoses the deficiencies within 3 (three) business days, and determines the extent of the problem and time to repair. The conclusion and estimated time to repair are provided to customers through e-mail or mobile phone number listed in the coupon. In case of warranty repair, the Service Center provides an invoice containing summary of work and the cost of repair, which is transmitted for review and approval to the purchaser. Repair of equipment takes up to 14 (fourteen) business days if the standard component base is damaged. In other cases, the timing of the repair and the possibility of using replacement fund are reported separately. Details and terms are negotiated individually with the lead manager or with a qualified technician. After repair, the purchaser agrees the convenient time and method for recovering the equipment.

For warranty service, please, send us the completed form RMA by e-mail: rma@partizan.global. Or use the form below:

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