The newest Partizan AHDH technology goes to production!

We are delighted to inform you that hybrid Partizan video recorders working with maximum resolution AHD technology – AHDH standard, goes to production this spring.

2-megapixel image with 1920x1080 resolution is highly demanded by surveillance systems users, but it was only available in IP cameras until now. Unlike these cameras, AHDH image has not transmission lag, it’s quality does not depend on the IP network transmission ability. A relative simplicity of AHDH systems settings and low mounting price are welcome by the installers companies.

It is great because AHD technology guarantees a significant length of broadcasting via usual coaxial cable (500 m), does not require any additional net equipment, very simple in settings and has no other drawbacks, relatively characteristic to IP systems.

Partizan equipment with AHDH support includes: cameras from premium line of dome and housing series CDM- and COD-, four and eight channels standard video recorders ADM-, ADH-, ADT-. They has «3.x FullHD» prefix in model names. This technology provides creation and processing of video stream in maximum AHD resolution – 1920х1080, which correspond to AHDH and FullHD standards. It worth noting that premium class of Partizan vendor remain only AHDH cameras. The AHDM models are displaced to budget class and have «HD 3.x» prefix.