Partizan Guard TV is a monitoring station from Smart TV

Distribution of modern set-top boxes and mobile terminals on Android platform, their high computing capabilities allow to use these technologies as elements of surveillance systems. Release of the latest application Partizan Guard TV allows to quickly create a monitoring station in the office, on the premisis, at home. With it shelp the image from remote IP cameras and Partizan DVRs is displayed on the digital TV screen through the Android Smart TV set-top box or other Android device connected to the Internet.

The Partizan Guard TV app is designed to operate in the mode of constant monitoring and offers three types of playback:

  • “Spot”: only the image from one video channel is displayed on the TV screen at a time. The video channels periodically switch according to the settings, specified in Partizan Guard TV;
  • “Splitter”: allows to simultaneously display up to 16 video channelson the TV screen. Full-fledged operation in this mode requires powerful computing resources of the device, on which Partizan Guard TV is being executed;
  • “Spot+Splitter”: this mode combines the previous two models, dividing the TV screen in two equal parts.

The current version of Partizan Guard TV v. 1.0.1 is available for download at PlayMarket.