Partizan Device Manager 0.9.9 for Windows

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Dear users!

Partizan Device Manager 0.9.9. for Windows is out now!

What’s new and useful in this release:

  1. A unified Partizan firmware. No more mixing General and Cloud firmware, one firmware for everything and one button for automatic update.
  2. Live view and playback on one tab! To switch between them simply use «Live / Archive» on the top of the tab.
  3. Playback is now available in the synchronized quadrant mode. To have a playback from one camera simply turn it to the fullscreen mode (double click).
  4. Windows XP is no longer supported. Minimum system requirements for Partizan Device Manager: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (with all further updates). If there are any issues with installing or starting the software - you should check if Windows updates are on.
  5. Hardware acceleration support added (significantly reduces the processor load with an external video card). The option is turned on by default. If, while using the app, the image being disrupted or not shown at all – the acceleration can be turned off in the settings.
  6. Image freezing while minimizing to tray problem was solved.
  7. The support for users without administrative rights was improved. Such users have no access to the device settings. When connected Partizan Device Manager checks the user’s rights and opens live view tab straight away while hiding unnecessary interface elements.
  8. The functionality of creation and editing device groups and users was quality redesigned.
  9. Automatic launch of the video when connecting to the device was added (for users with administrative rights). The option is on by default. It can be switched of in the settings if needed.
  10. Digital channel statistics tab was added («Pro mode» should be activated, General/Channels states).
  11. An option to edit codec parameters was added (resolution, fps and so on) for digital channels («Pro mode» should be activated, Video/Video settings).
  12. Full disc overwrite management option was added («Pro mode» should be activated, Storage/Storage management).
  13. Partial settings reset option was added («Pro mode» should be activated, Service/Maintenance/Factory reset).
  14. Controls’ design was improved.

The update is available to download via integrated update system (Partizan Device Manager will offer you to update itself) or by the following link: DM/Partizan Device Manager.exe

Enjoy using!