Network Optix and Partizan Security: first joint webinar!


Network Optix and Partizan Security: first joint webinar!


History is not just happening now, we create it ourselves! On June 9, we invite you to the first open online meeting with our friends and like-minded people - the American company Network Optix!

These guys are the creators of Nx Witness VMS, the most powerful cross-platform IP video management system. Their software is well known by users and professionals in North America, Europe, Asia. Network Optix video surveillance systems are used in 600+ cities, 60+ countries on 6 continents. Network Optix is the 7th fastest growing software company in America.

People from our world! At the same time, we are not competitors with Network Optix. We are partners and leaders in our own business segments. So June 9th will be extremely interesting. There will be not just a webinar, but a significant event - with insider information from professionals for professionals!

  • We will talk about our products and developments
  • We'll tell you what Network Optix and Partizan Security have in common, and how we differ
  • We will answer questions from customers of both services

... and yes. If you think that this webinar is the beginning of something bigger, it is absolutely true. We will announce the far-reaching joint plans a little later. Follow the news!


Until then, join our historic online meeting!

Wednesday 9.06.2021, 15:00 (GMT+2).
Link to the webinar: