Safety first: how does Partizan STD-2MP check COVID certificates?


Safety first: how does Partizan STD-2MP check COVID certificates?


Multifunctional terminal Partizan STD-2MP helps businesses to work in a pandemic. At many European places where visitors need to measure temperatures and verify COVID certificates, the device has already shown itself to be at its best. Due diligence is quick and hassle-free.

The "quarantine" rules are constantly changing, so Partizan developers continue to expand the capabilities of STD-2MP. Of the most recent innovations, it is worth highlighting:

  • Updating the database of European certificates
  • Introduction of additional indication of the check mode

What does it mean? Now, when verifying a COVID certificate, STD-2MP will generate three types of color notifications. Here are the situations:

  • If someone tries to use an invalid certificate, STD-2MP will signal with the red light.
  • If the certificate is valid but the visitor or employee does not present an ID, the STD-2MP will give a yellow notification. This means the certificate is in order. But whether it belongs to the one who showed it – is still a question.
  • Finally, if a valid certificate and passport are presented and their details match, the STD-2MP will give a green notification. All is OK!

The terminal will additionally send reports with PUSH notifications to Partizan mobile application and letters to the admin's email.

In addition to the verification of certificates, Partizan STD-2MP is able to remotely measure the body temperature of visitors.This significantly saves time at checkpoints. The device also detects the presence of a mask and is able to memorize 22,400 faces and 100,000 events. An important option if you need to keep track of visits or create a database of guests/staff.

Few people like anti-COVID constraints! But realities demand responsibility from us if we want to return to normal life as soon as possible. Partizan STD-2MP terminal is one solution that will allow most types of businesses to comply with government regulations and remain alive.

Partizan specialists continue to work on expanding the STD-2MP functionality. Follow the news!


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