6,000 Partizan CCTV cameras in the UAE


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The project to supply 6,000 CCTV cameras to Dubai (UAE) has become one of the most important events of the year for Partizan Security. Just look at the numbers: more than 6000 IP cameras from Partizan professional series were installed under this project at 7 most popular Malls.

Here is their current list:

  • Mall of the Emirates
  • City Centre Mirdif
  • City Centre Deira
  • City Centre Shindagha
  • City Centre Fujairah
  • City Centre Me'aisem
  • My City Centre Al Barsha

To gain access to such facilities in the UAE market is not easy. Partizan Security had to work long and hard. There are objective reasons for this. Here is one of them: The United Arab Emirates is an extremely high-tech country. And it is also a world leader in terms of safety standards. To enter the local video surveillance market requires an unprecedentedly strict SIRA certification. In particular, these are the requirements of Dubai police.  

6,000 Partizan CCTV cameras in the UAE
6,000 Partizan CCTV cameras in the UAE

Certification took place in two stages. In the first phase - for our Full HD AHD CCTV cameras and hybrid DVRs. In the second phase - for the main models in Partizan AHD and IP CCTV cameras lines. The certification has given the green light to our equipment in the UAE. 

Siddhartha Lal, Director - MEA Region at Partizan Security, tells about what made this big "Dubai project" possible. 

Where did it all start? 

"The start of the project was given by a surprisingly important, even "historical" meeting with Mohamed Hediya, director of Limitless Technologies. This happened at the Intersec exhibition in 2019. Soon we became partners and started working on a joint project in Egypt. And later we reached a new level of cooperation, the result of which was our joint and successful work in Dubai." 

Why Partizan? 

"As for the project in the UAE, I can say that Partizan equipment was chosen due to the technical and commercial advantage of its products. It is characterized by the European level of quality. Also, an important point was our professional technical after-sales support, which Partizan specialists always provide to their customers."

6,000 Partizan CCTV cameras in the UAE
6,000 Partizan CCTV cameras in the UAE

Which Partizan equipment was used in the project? 

"The project involves modern CCTV cameras of a new generation with multi-streams. They can be used separately for monitoring, separately for recording, and separately for control and working with smart functions.

Camera models:

  • Partizan IPD-VF5MP-IR AF Starlight
  • Partizan SH v1.1, IPO-VF5MP
  • Partizan AF Starlight SH v1.1
  • Partizan IPO-VF2RP ANPR
  • Partizan AF Starlight SH
  • Partizan IPS-230X-IR Starlight SH" 

What challenges did you have to face? 

"In the United Arab Emirates, video security systems are mandatory for all public facilities. Moreover, they must meet the technical requirements of the local regulatory authority (SIRA) and the police. Everything is more than serious. Also, when working on the project, we had to work within a very tight time frame and launch video surveillance systems in extremely important public places from the point of view of security." 

What's next? 

"We believe that this Partizan project in the UAE is just the beginning. Then only forward and up!"