Partizan video recorder as a surveillance server.


Renewed firmware and hardware of hybrid video recorders ADH-16A HD, ADT-86DR8 HD and ADM-816V HD has widened functionality. Now these models can receive, record and analyze secondary video stream from 20 (16 for ADM-816V HD) analog cameras in D1 (720х576) resolution, connected to remote Partizan recorders. To reach this, video recorder-receiver should be converted to recording mode 20 (16) channels in 960h mode, for which D1 appears to be the second stream, and tune the receiving of video data from the secondary stream for every connected camera in “Digital channels” section.

If video source can broadcast its primary stream in 906h mode, than recorder-receiver will be able to receive video in the primary stream, providing better quality of image than in D1 resolution.

Video recorder-receiver can demonstrate a video stream from the cameras, connected this way, through connected monitor, can record on a built-in storage device, can detect movement and other alarm signals. In fact, it will perform the same functions that are available on server PC under Partizan CMS management. However, the purchase and service price of such video recorder in surveillance system is much lower than the price of dedicated computer for running Partizan CMS. Herewith, reliability of exploitation of this video recorder is much higher than reliability of a PC with the same price.

Hence, it is possible to set a server for receiving, processing and recording of video data from 20 cameras on Partizan ADH-16A HD, ADT-86DR8 HD and ADM-816V HD video recorders. The only drawback of such solution is the receiving of information from analog sources only in D1 resolution, meanwhile for IP devices this characteristic rises to 960h. If such parameters are acceptable for created surveillance system, the development of a video processing server with 20 sources on a recorder basement will be very profitable, considering expenses optimization and rising system durability.

If D1 resolution is not fit to create archive, the required duration of primary stream from analog cameras should be saved on local recorders. Moreover, video recorder-receiver should be used as the dedicated server for processing and fixation of events and alarms messages, generated by the connected sources array, and for performing search in local archives, based on its data.