Connection to Partizan Nip service is getting easier!

Partizan NIP service was developed and implied with aiming to make work with network packet of surveillance system Partizan easier. This service allows the receiving a remote access to web-interface of a device without its real IP address, but just with its unique serial number. Full-featured control, settings and video-streams review can be implemented from a personal page of a recorder or camera, including everything that a given device and software can manage with.

Considering the wishes of Partizan equipment users, Technical department of our company created a detailed manual for settings and use of Partizan NIP service. Here you can find all steps for two ways of equipment registration in a service as well as three ways of receiving necessary data.

The manual was created to be easy and clear even for those users who have basic skills in work with Partizan equipment. To follow it, you don’t have to be skilled with surveillance equipment and network packet.

Manual is always available here "read" download here "download".