Thursday, 14 May 2015 10:00

Partizan Pro update

A new version of the Partizan Pro 1.0.1 application published at Play Market. It implemented a new feature: Partizan equipment can be added by its MAC address without any device configuration. Partizan hardware users are already familiar with similar functionality with the application Partizan CCTV and Partizan NIP service.

We are delighted to inform you that hybrid Partizan video recorders working with maximum resolution AHD technology – AHDH standard, goes to production this spring.

2-megapixel image with 1920x1080 resolution is highly demanded by surveillance systems users, but it was only available in IP cameras until now. Unlike these cameras, AHDH image has not transmission lag, it’s quality does not depend on the IP network transmission ability. A relative simplicity of AHDH systems settings and low mounting price are welcome by the installers companies.

According to the results of independent laboratories testing, Partizan DC supplies gained additional benefits for the promotion at the Eropean market.

Tested models were certified for conformity to the newest European electro safety (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU) and electromagnetic compatibility (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU) standards, all devices fully passed testing complexes.

Partizan NIP service was developed and implied with aiming to make work with network packet of surveillance system Partizan easier. This service allows the receiving a remote access to web-interface of a device without its real IP address, but just with its unique serial number. Full-featured control, settings and video-streams review can be implemented from a personal page of a recorder or camera, including everything that a given device and software can manage with.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 11:17

Partizan Pro is finally released!

Developing of mobile software for monitoring and controlling the Partizan equipment has been successfully released with Partizan Pro app. It was destined for launching devices running under Android OS, the version for iOS software will also be coming soon.

Partizan Pro lets to set, run and review the information from IP cameras and Partizan video recorders in a remote mode. Software additions for work with access control systems are expected in subsequent versions.

A test on cooperative work of hybrid video recorder Partizan ADH-16A with ISS SecurOS software was held by the ISS company specialists, works on developing and producing of video management systems.


Renewed firmware and hardware of hybrid video recorders ADH-16A HD, ADT-86DR8 HD and ADM-816V HD has widened functionality. Now these models can receive, record and analyze secondary video stream from 20 (16 for ADM-816V HD) analog cameras in D1 (720х576) resolution, connected to remote Partizan recorders. To reach this, video recorder-receiver should be converted to recording mode 20 (16) channels in 960h mode, for which D1 appears to be the second stream, and tune the receiving of video data from the secondary stream for every connected camera in “Digital channels” section.

Saturday, 04 April 2015 10:37

AHDH in Partizan devices is available!

We are happy to announce that all Partizan video recorders have significant upgrade.

The most vivid innovation has become a full support of AHDH standard in the “Premium” models series, corresponding to Full HD (1920x1080). Moreover, AHD technology will be present in all other product lines: even the cheapest devices will be able to receive and record AHDL (960х576) video streaming and AHDM (1280x720) in “Standard” devices.

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