Temperature screening and weather: there is no place for humans

An ordinary thermal scanner in a guard's hands in a mall, school or government agency is not the best way to avoid the spread of viruses. He works slowly and imprecisely. Another thing is an access control system with face recognition and temperature screening.


Partizan Security, the Czech brand of video surveillance and access control systems announces their new partnership with Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH. Now Partizan Security equipment will include Toshiba hard drives, that have been developed specifically for video surveillance systems.

Cloud Link for cloud devices

New Cloud Link technology allows you to add Partizan CCTV camera to any software, for example, Ajax application for iOS, transfer video from CCTV cameras for Immix-controlled monitoring, and even use it for viewing in a VLC player or on a website!


Monitoring service provider Fenix Monitoring UK and Partizan Security, a CCTV and access control manufacturer from the Czech Republic, have announced a new partnership.

Thursday, 17 December 2020 09:46

Partizan and Orisec announce partnership


Intruder alarm manufacturer Orisec’s ControlPlus app now integrates with Partizan cameras. This means that installers can easily add cameras to a system without the need for IP address or port forwarding

Tuesday, 10 November 2020 15:12

Partizan – UAE certified equipment!


Partizan IP cameras passed the tests and certified from SIRA, Dubai. This means that now the entire line of Partizan cameras (AHD/IP) can be used in any level and variety of projects in UAE, especially Dubai!

Friday, 30 October 2020 15:43

Invitation to Security Summit 2020

Invitation to Security Summit 2020

New world, new rules and new reality. The first virtual Security Event in our history.

PARTIZAN SECURITY is pleased to invite you to Security Summit 2020! It is the unique virtual conference and exhibition event for the security industry.


Partizan mobile application, which received the “Best Video Surveillance Application” award last year, is constantly evolving and continues to delight users with its updates.

This time, Partizan developers have presented improved navigation through the saved video archive. Previously, when the camera detected motion, the corresponding section of the archive in the timeline was marked with a different color, and the user could easily identify the past event.

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